Sunday, February 6, 2011

Paint a Picture - Florida Week for the Animals

Florida Week for the Animals

 If you want to paint a picture of Florida you would have to include animals - both wild and domestic. Artists like Diana White in Keystone Heights and wildlife illustrator Chris Armstrong in Jacksonville celebrate Florida's animal life in their creations year round. The rest of us this week are asked to do the same with Florida Week for the Animals. From theme parks to state parks and sometimes right at the foot of our own bed, those of us living in Florida don't have far to go to find animals of every decription, but sometimes it takes a special reminder like Florida Week for the Animals to consider what life would be like without all the other species of this planet. So get outside this week and take the family - and take the poop scoop. Paint a picture of a finned, feathered or furry friend, or if you have room in your heart and your home for one more, there are animals here in Florida in need of both. Discover something new and enjoy Florida Week for the Animals.

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